CleanSweeper is a professional and reliable commercial and residential cleaning service, providing services for most of the North shore. Detail oriented cleaners come to your home or work place and deep clean any and all rooms requested. CleanSweeper uses all natural essential oil cleaning products. We also use HEPA vacuums to keep the air in your place of work or home and clean. FREE quotes for any types of cleaning: Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, pre/post function or party, move in/ move out, and almost any other type of cleaning there is.

How To Get Started


A brief phone discussion about your WANTS and NEEDS for your commercial or residential property. We also will discuss a time and date for a FREE quote. You can also contact us through our website!


With a set time and date in place, our cleaning technicians will be there on time, clean efficiently and leave your property clean and sanitized.


Enjoy the luxury of a clean, stress free environment without the hassle of doing the dirty work!

Our Services

Most Popular Areas

Commercial Cleaning

We take care of almost any type of commercial property. Using our all natural cleaning products, it keeps your place of work sanitized, clean, and safe for your employees and clients. We work around your schedule so we will never be in the way or operate during working hours.

Some of our current clients include:

Gyms, salons, auto body shops, barber shops, food service industry, dance studios, and more!



Residential Cleaning

We have a variety of different residential options. Move in/ move out , one time cleaning, biweekly, monthly, weekly, before or after party cleaning, and more. Specialty cleanings we offer inclue: Inside appliances (fridge, stove, microwave). Windows inside and out (if windows are fold ins), dishes, and more!

Dry Steam Vapor

One speciality services we offer is Dry Vapor Cleaning. This top of the line all natural cleaning system uses hot vapor (not water) to clean and disinfect any and all surfaces. The extreme heat of the dry vapor is safe for most equipment and surfaces, safe from water damage, and kills almost any type of bacteria you will see in any commercial space.


The dry vapor machine, takes about 10 minutes to heat up and dispurses a steady flow of vapor that eliminates bacteria with a mere 5 seconds of dwell time. Used mostly in hospitals and gyms, this machine can tackle and clean almost anywhere!


See list for bacteria, contact time, and result here !




Call or email to set up a free quote or with any questions!